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LRUG June Meetup

Monday, 10th June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in June 2019


Come join London Ruby User group to learn the 5 habits to keep your code running well and more!

A practical guide for conducting efficient code reviews

Do you have code reviews at your daily work? Have you ever found yourself thinking they feel like a tug of war? That writing the code is the easy part of the job? That’s OK, we put so much emphasis in languages, patterns and lines of code that is easy to forget about other (soft) skills that are required every single day. This talk will provide you a few important thoughts to have in mind for a successful and fruitful code review, both in the shoes of the reviewer and the reviewee.

Gonçalo Morais

Gonçalo is a Portuguese computer engineer turned front-end developer, currently living in London. Recurse Center alumnus, digital nomad wannabe, jack of all trades because there are too many interesting things. He grows a beard most of the time and splits his time between Ruby and JavaScript nowadays

User-First Internationalisation

Expanding a website internationally comes with many challenges; perhaps none more difficult than translating its content. In this talk, we will discuss pros and cons of various tools and techniques that my team have used to tackle this problem in ruby (along with some insight into how this differs for statically typed languages) - with a pragmatic goal of providing the best possible end-user experience at all times.

Tom Lord

My name’s Tom Lord; I’m a senior engineer at carwow, and have been a rubyist for roughly 6 years now. I relish in tackling complex problems, and enjoy solving real-world problems though the power of software.

Simplify writing code with deliberate commits

As developers, a key part of our work, is in breaking down large gnarly complex problems into smaller simpler ones. But this is hard and there are many distractions along the way. In this talk I will take you through 5 habits to adopt around commiting your code which will help you keep focussed on these smaller simpler problems and make it easier for you to write good code.

Joel Chippindale

Joel Chippindale is the CTO at Unmade, a global fashion software company offering delightful customisation experiences that power Fashion Driven by Demand. He has been building effective software teams for over a decade and feels lucky to be in a role that mostly involves saying ‘yes’ to people when they inevitably think of better ways of doing things than he possibly could.

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