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LRUG June Meetup

Monday, 10th June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in June 2019


Simplify writing code with deliberate commits

Joel Chippindale

Joel Chippindale is the CTO at Unmade, a global fashion software company offering delightful customisation experiences that power Fashion Driven by Demand. He has been building effective software teams for over a decade and feels lucky to be in a role that mostly involves saying ‘yes’ to people when they inevitably think of better ways of doing things than he possibly could.

User-First Internationalisation

Tom Lord

My name’s Tom Lord; I’m a senior engineer at carwow, and have been a rubyist for roughly 6 years now. I relish in tackling complex problems, and enjoy solving real-world problems though the power of software.

A practical guide for conducting efficient code reviews

Gonçalo Morais

Gonçalo is a Portuguese computer engineer turned front-end developer, currently living in London. Recurse Center alumnus, digital nomad wannabe, jack of all trades because there are too many interesting things. He grows a beard most of the time and splits his time between Ruby and JavaScript nowadays

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