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Collaborative modeling with Marijn Huizendveld

Thursday, 17th January at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Domain Driven Design London in January 2019


Collaborative modeling with Marijn Huizendveld

In this workshop, you will learn how to visualize a new model for an Amsterdam based startup. Then be introduced to several changes step by step to refine the model to be more suitable for the problems we want to solve.

During these exercises, you will get familiar with methods to look at problems from different angles. Through various tips, you will find ways to facilitate the process of 'Collaborative Modeling'. While doing this Marijn Huizendveld will apply a number of tactical DDD patterns and experience the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Marijn Huizendveld

Marijn works as an independent software consultant for (corporate) startups and scale-ups within Europe. He studied business school (boring though useful) and moonlighted as freelance developer (limited impact, lots of fun).

After getting stung by the start-up bug he founded a SaaS business in which he was involved for the next 6 years (lots of impact, little money). This experience provided him with a realistic perspective on business and firm roots in software architecture. He was at the frontier of event sourced domain models in PHP and has been actively involved in the DDD-community since its revival around 2012.

These days he helps his customers to apply the lessons he picked up along the way, in order to make software that propels organizations forward. He also laughs at his own jokes, for reasons unknown cause they typically aren't funny. Join the session to see if you agree.

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