Meet up

Pipelines Done Right

Wednesday, 13th March in London

This meetup was organised by DevOps Underground in March 2019


Pipelines Done Right

Derik Evangelista

Derik currently works as a Senior Software Engineer on the Services Enablement team, which builds the On-Demand Broker SDK, a tool for developing standalone service offerings for Cloud Foundry. Previously he worked as an engineer and open source Cloud Foundry contributor on the Services API team, whose role is to define a standard specification for provisioning services on the platform. Prior to joining Pivotal he was writing crypto algorithms in Javascript for a security company.

Diego Lemos

Diego has worked for startups, software houses, and consultancy companies in Brazil, France and the United Kingdom. During his career, he has played roles such as software engineer, technical leader, sysadmin, scrum master, and tech coach. Recently, he has been focusing on topics like TDD, BDD, Clean Code, Software Design, (how to deal with) Technical Debt and Continuous Delivery.

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