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C++ London - March

Monday, 25th March in London

This meetup was organised by C++ London in March 2019


Modern C++ Smart Pointers in C++17, 20 and beyond

We'll talk about various caveats, traps and pitfalls and best practices. We'll also talk about the effort of deprecating raw pointers and even rumours of what might be to come.

Ervin Bosenbacher

Ervin is a freelancer and contractor who is doing research and development of an embedded distributed search and classification engine. Before starting research and development, Ervin has helped tier one banks, asset management companies and startups to design and develop various applications and systems related to cyber security, search engines, front end trading or big data related systems as well as feature extraction and object recognition in images and videos. Ervin enjoys his family, movies and music in his free time.

A Practical Approach to Error Handling

Arno Schödl

Arno is one of think-cell’s co-founders and Technical Director. He is responsible for the design, architecture and development of all their software products. He oversees think-cell's R&D team, Quality Assurance and Customer Care. Before founding think-cell, Arno worked at Microsoft Research and McKinsey. Arno studied computer science and management and holds a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a specialization in Computer Graphics

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