Monday, 10th June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Quantum Computing in June 2019


Quantum Networks

Developing this extended capability introduces a new spin to a familiar set of networking problems :

  • Why is quantum information transfer important and what's unique about quantum information transfer?

  • How does quantum mechanics hinder and help the transfer of quantum information?

  • How are the real-time aspects of quantum networking coordinated by classical and quantum protocols and devices?

  • How do you build a general purpose network that supports quantum information transfer?

Steve will try to coherently explain, to an audience familiar with networking, how entanglement, teleportation, and swapping can be combined with classical IP networking and routing to build a quantum network.

Reading related to the talk:-

"Advertising Entanglement Capabilities in Quantum Networks - draft-kaws-qirg-advent-01”, Kompella, Aelmans, Wehner, Sirbu, Dahlberg,, December 2018

"Here’s what the quantum internet has in store”, Davide Castelvecchi, Nature, Oct 2018,

Steve Willis

Steve Willis was the co-founder of Wellfleet Communications and the co-organizer of the NYC Quantum Computing Meetup.

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