Meet up

Keynote by Oren Eini on When Select() is Broken

Monday, 3rd June at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by .NET Matters in June 2019



Come on down to CodeNode to learn from the best, share your ideas and join our vibrant community! Be sure to sign-in early to grab a drink and meet other attendees in a casual, relaxed setting.

18:30-19:00 Sign-in and get settled

19:00-19:45 Oren's presentation

19:45-20:00 Q&A

When Select() is Broken

In this session, Oren will discuss how RavenDB has exposed numerous issues in the CoreCLR, the JIT and the underlying operating systems. Along the way, you'll learn deep debugging techniques and how to rule out your own code and pinpoint the actual underlying problem.

Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien

Oren Eini is the author of Rhino Mocks, one of the most popular mocking frameworks on the .NET platform, and is also a leading figure in other well known open source projects including NHibernate, RavenDB, the Rhino Tools Suite and the Castle project.

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