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Bounded rationality, complex Systems and Agile principles

Thursday, 14th March in London

This meetup was organised by Domain Driven Design London in March 2019


Talk by Marco Consolaro

Marco was 9 when he self-learnt Basic on a commodore 64 and since 2006 when he relocated to London, he has been working as an independent consultant specialising in Agile development and technical coaching. Recently, he has been focusing on System Thinking and found many common principles and ideas related to Agile, Lean and other practices. His talks are about connecting the dots with a more systemic view. Author of Agile technical practices distilled, A Journey Toward Mastering Software Design.

Marco Consolaro

I was 9 when I learnt to code on a commodore 64, on 2001 I graduated in Computer Science at University of Venice and since a decade I relocated to London. I worked as Senior Developer for companies like Yoox, Asos, Itv, 7Digital and I founded Pantry Ace, award winning startup in foodtech. Software craftsman, entrepreneur, lean thinker, restless traveller, philosopher - all blended with Venetian humour!

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