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The Blueprint Series: Principles of Modern Data Architecture

Thursday, 14th March in London

This meetup was organised by Big Data LDN in March 2019


Data Technology and Tools, Expedia Group

Join Anselmo for an engaging overview of the new end-to-end data architecture at Expedia Group, taking a journey through cloud and on-prem data lakes, real-time and batch processes and streamlined access for data producers and consumers. Find out how the new architecture unifies a complex mix of data sources and feeds the data science development cycle. Expedia might appear to be a market-leading travel company – in reality, it’s a highly successful technology and data science company.

Anselmo Rodrigues da Silva

Director of Software Development - Data Technology and Tools, Expedia Group

The Blueprint Series: Principles of Modern Data Architecture

Taking our lead from Dr. Mike Stonebraker’s keynote talk at last year’s Big Data LDN, we are looking at how modern data teams are dealing with the issue of complexity. Many organisations know how to deal with the Volume and Velocity of data – but what about the Variety of data sources, the mix of cloud and on-prem platforms and the need to unify batch and streaming processes? How are cutting-edge data engineering teams building data pipelines at scale? And how does this enable data science teams to industrialise the process of getting their models into production?

Architecture Patterns for Implementing Serverless Microservices and Stream Processing

Richard Freeman

PhD Lead Data & Machine Learning Engineer, Data Science Team at JustGiving

The importance of the ‘why’ behind what you do

James Adams

Practice Lead – Workforce planning, Eden Smith

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