Meet up

Engineering the quantum future of computing

Tuesday, 4th June in London

This meetup was organised by London Quantum Computing in June 2019


Engineering the quantum future of computing - introduction

In this talk, the co-founder of quantum computing company SeeQC Matthew Hutchings will present a brief introduction to quantum computing, giving an overview of the hardware platforms competing in the exciting race to develop the first quantum computers powerful enough to beat today's most advanced classical supercomputers.

With a background in superconducting circuits, Matthew will describe the work he was involved in whilst at Syracuse University. This work focused on solving the core engineering challenges associated with scaling quantum computers. This work has led Matthew to co-found a company, SeeQC, focused on taking this technology out of the lab and into the hands of users. Matthew will introduce SeeQC and discuss his exciting development plans.

Matthew Hutchings

Matthew Hutchings has a research background focused on the development of quantum computing hardware based on superconducting circuits. Whilst in this field, Matthew has been lucky enough to work closely with Britton Plourde at Syracuse University, an expert in this area and a fantastic mentor. Whilst researching in the Plourde lab, Matthew led a collaboration with the IBM quantum computing team at the T. J. Watson Research Centre. The team developing the publicly available quantum computing cloud platform, IBM Q.

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