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Simplifying writing code with deliberate commits

Wednesday, 27th March in London

This meetup was organised by The London Python Group in March 2019


Join The London Python Group in March with Joel Chippindale. He will talk about Simplifying writing code with deliberate commits

Simplifying writing code with deliberate commits

Do you ever find yourself juggling an ever growing list of things to think about when you are working on a feature? Do you find yourself losing track of what needs to be done next to make progress? If you do (and, spoiler, we all do), then this is the talk for you.

One tool that we underuse to help us keep focused and keep our work simple is our source control system. In this talk I will outline some habits and practical techniques to apply to your local development workflow with git that can help simplify the development of software in complex, real world environments and make you a better software developer. These include

  • Planning your commits
  • Making atomic commits
  • Writing commit messages that provide context to your decisions -Ensuring that each of your development branches has a single purpose
  • Regularly using git rebase --interactive to ensure your development branches tell a clear story about the work that you are doing

A neat side effect of these approaches is that they will give you the added bonus of well documented code that is easier for your colleagues to review and/or make sense of in future

All the examples given in this talk will use git but the principles can be applied using any source control system."

Joel Chippindale

Joel Chippindale is the CTO at Unmade, a global fashion software company offering delightful customisation experiences that power Fashion Driven by Demand. He has been building effective software teams for over a decade and feels lucky to be in a role that mostly involves saying ‘yes’ to people when they inevitably think of better ways of doing things than he possibly could.

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