Meet up

Improve confidence in your code with mutation testing

Monday, 8th April in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in April 2019


We have two talks for the April meetup.

Improve confidence in your code with mutation testing

In this talk I'm going to explain mutation testing and how it helped me be more confident about my Ruby code, and also how to write better Ruby in the future.

Rafal Szalanski

My name is Rafal Szalanski and I'm a software engineer at Onfido. I experiment with lots of languages but always come back to Ruby.

Giving my enemies a voice

I’m remaking a classic boxing video game, with a twist: the narrative is defined through the hopes, dreams and desires of the player’s opponents, not the player themselves. I’ll be talking about flipping enemy design in games on its head, as well as demoing a key part of my boxing game: the trash-talk engine!

Shen Sat

A self-taught coder and amateur game maker. Currently working as a junior dev at ThoughtWorks.

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