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How will Robotic Process Automation change how we deliver projects?

Wednesday, 12th June at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by Project Data Analytics in June 2019


How many tasks do you perform that are routine? Perhaps you buy a travelcard every month, tally up the hours of an employee, process timesheets or extract content from emails. Chances are, each time you carry out the task, the process remains the same. If we think about a task as a process that takes an input and produces an output, then when the input and output are static, the process is often static, too. It turns out that many business tasks fit this description, and we are in a perfect position to perform Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The best metric for software work

Colin Hammond

Colin Hammond has over 30 years of experience leading software development projects and portfolios for many leading organisations throughout the UK. His focus on using proven and trustworthy project metrics inspired him to create ScopeMaster®, the world's first tool that analyses software requirements (using Natural Language Processing) in order to perform size measurement and Q.A. simultaneously. Colin is an innovator and now CEO of ScopeMaster Ltd.

How will Robotic Process Automation change how we deliver projects?

RPA is a set of tools that transfer the job of automation from an in-house software developer to anyone. So how exactly can one use RPA to automate these tasks? How easy it for a non-programmer to use?

We’ll be exploring some of the use cases where such a technology can be applied and understand its limitations. We’ll also be exploring how to build on RPA and integrate it with other data science techniques to explore some of the more complicated use cases. Such methods will enable project teams to relieve themselves of the burden of the mundane and focus on the higher value added activity. Together, we can begin to transform how project teams operate.

James Smith

Dr James Smith is the Chief Technology Officer and lead Data Scientist within Projecting Success and has a broad remit spanning data analysis through to machine learning; he has a passion for using emerging methods to transform how projects are delivered. He has an applied mathematics PhD and specialised in Orthogonal Polynomials and the Painlevé equations. He spent 2 years lecturing mathematics at the University of Kent before making the natural transition to Data Scientist in 2017.

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