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Domain Driven Design London April

Thursday, 25th April in London

This meetup was organised by Domain Driven Design London in April 2019


Finding Core Domains with the Business Model Canvas

You can’t design the optimal software architecture if you don’t know the business model. Many trade-offs need to be made when designing a system and teams need to know where they should spend their time and energy to achieve maximum impact for the business. In Domain-Driven Design, core domains are our primary tool for addressing these challenges. Core domains tell us which parts of the domain hold the biggest opportunities for business gain, so we can take architectural decisions and spend our time to maximise our capabilities in these areas.

Finding core domains, however, is a very difficult and intricate challenge. Often, different people in the business will have different opinions about what the core domains are. It can be an impossible challenge for people from a technical background to understand the business and identify those core domains. This is where we can leverage the Business Model Canvas.

The Business Model Canvas is the domain model of how businesses work. It asks us 9 key questions and gives us a language for communicating with the business, helping us to find those core domains even if we have little existing knowledge of business models.

Learning the Business Model Canvas and applying it in a real situation requires little practice. After this hands-on session, you will be able to use the Business Model Canvas to understand whatever business you are working in and find those essential core domains.

Nick Tune

Nick is a technical leader, author, speaker and trainer. He helps If you need help building autonomous teams, modelling complex domains, consulting, training, or public speaking.He has a passion for delighting users, creating business impacts, crafting quality software, and building world-class engineering teams.

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