Meet up

Predicting song composition with Spotify data

Wednesday, 24th April in London

This meetup was organised by Central London Data Science Project Nights in April 2019


Predicting song composition with Spotify data

Let's be honest, most of a data scientist or machine learning practitioners day to day work involves wrangling and cleaning data. At this months meetup we will be working with different data formats to tease out the fuel needed to power a machine learning model. In our case we will be working with highly detailed responses from the Spotify API.

From this data we will build a model used to predict the genre of music segments for a variety of songs.

Meetup structure:

1845 - Intro & Lightning talk on how to collect and navigate data sources
1900 - Hands on coding
Some time after that - Pizza and drinks!

Learning outcomes:

We aim to get everyone up to speed with navigating and extracting information from API response as well as building and using machine learning models to predict song composition.


Your own laptop (+ charger)
Beginner level python

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