Monday, 22nd July in London

This meetup was organised by Open House in July 2019


Skills Matter Open House July

Want to hear more about Europe’s largest community of developers? Join us at CodeNode, our home in central London, to talk to the team about our exciting event portfolio, and find out how we can help you to learn, share and create with over 130,000 passionate tech-lovers.

Chat to our dedicated portfolio and outreach teams over drinks at the SpaceBar, take a tour of the venue, and learn more about...

  • 70+ training courses covering the most exciting emerging and advanced technologies, frameworks and methodologies, exclusive to Skills Matter in the UK, led by leading industry experts and tech creators
  • 13 globally-recognised conferences which bring together the best and brightest speakers from around the world to discuss emerging technologies, debate hot topics, and explore innovative problem solving techniques
  • 100 User Groups hosted by us at CodeNode, meeting to take their skills to the next level and share the exciting developments in their domain
  • Joining the 140,000 (and counting) member community, and getting access to thousands of hours of Netflix, but for developers!

Who should come

Anyone with questions about what we do! Whether you're an existing community member who wants to know more about our other events, a previous attendee, or a total newbie, we'd love to have you join us. Bring questions and friends, and explore what we have to offer...


5:30pm - Doors Open:Please note the Open House is a drop-in event, and it is not essential to arrive at the scheduled start time.
Grab a drink with the team, explore the Skills Matter booth, pick up some cool swag, or chat with our community members.
6:15pm - TOUR #1: Check out CodeNode!
6:30pm - Meetups begin: Why not join one of our User Groups for a talk or workshop, or catch our featured event!
7:00pm - TOUR #2: Check out CodeNode!
7:30pm - Open House Closes: But feel free to stick around! We're open until 10pm every Monday - Thursday...

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