Meet up

LDNUG June 2019 with Robin Minto and Andrew Chaa

Wednesday, 5th June in London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in June 2019


Join us for London .NET June 2019, with Robin Minto talking about Advanced Persistent Threat groups, and Andrew Chaa talking about applying domain-driven design to API development.

Fancy Bears Are Not Your Problem: Real World Appsec

Fancy Bear, Stone Panda, Lazarus, Charming Kitten and Equation Group are Advanced Persistent Threat groups. Woah... sounds scary! What are the threats from these groups? Do we really need to worry about them or do they just make attention grabbing news stories? In this talk, Robin will explore why APT groups might not be the thing that application developers need to worry about and the things that should get attention in application security. You'll see some tools and techniques that help find the important problems to work on and the ways to resolve those problems. This is real world appsec.

Robin Minto

Robin is a developer/technical architect working for ByBox, a supply chain technology company in the UK. He’s passionate about development, continuous improvement and all things security (he's a Certified Ethical Hacker). With one foot in Dev and another in Ops, he’s as happy in C# as in PowerShell, in Visual Studio or Hyper-V, in Javascript or Docker.

Solving 5 typical Issues in API development with Domain Driven Design

Do you mostly write DTO classes, property bags with data from database or from APIs? Do you name every class in the service layer managers, processors, or services? Are you disappointed that you can't do DDD as your day to day job is to build simple CRUDy APIs? Then, come and join my talk to discuss how we can domain driven design our API development. You will be surprised that you can benefit from DDD with even the simplest CRUD APIs by putting all validation and business logic in central domain models, not scattering them around.

Andrew Chaa

Andrew Young H. Chaa is an experienced Backend-focused full-stack developer with a background of working on large scale, high volume distributed services. He currently works as a lead developer at Clear Bank.

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