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Unleashing the Power of AI on projects; why we need to change culture

Wednesday, 4th September in London

This meetup was organised by Project Data Analytics in September 2019


Unleashing the Power of AI on projects; why we need to change culture

Dev is the Co-Founder and CEO of nPlan, a machine learning company that learns how completed construction projects performed to predict the outcomes of future projects.

We last heard from Dev in June 2018, where he shared the story of how nPlan went from an idea to a business. In this talk, Dev will share how things have progressed since his last talk and why the value behind nPlan is so exciting to our industry. Since June 2018, nPlan has won a number of awards (NCE100, Forbes), has scaled to operate in 8 countries and has processed schedules representing over $450B of construction spend, the largest dataset of its kind in the world. During the talk, Dev will answer questions on the cultural change behind the use of data derived insights in an area that has been dominated by subjective opinions. He will also walk us through some of the barriers that nPlan and clients have wrestled with and explore how these may be overcome. The AI vision for project delivery is getting closer, but how do we get it to the tipping point?

Dev Amratia

Dev’s experience is in delivering construction projects with Shell, spanning 3 continents over 9 years. Following this, Dev worked within the UK Government to launch and deliver the national review on AI, which was published as part of the Industrial Strategy in 2017. Since his review concluded, more than £1.5B has been allocated by the Government into the progression of AI.

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