Meet up

I18n and Judge

Monday, 9th January in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in January 2012


This is the first LRUG meeting of 2012, bringing talks from Chris McGrath on I18n, and Joe Corcoran on Judge.


In this session for LRUG, Chris McGrath will talk about lessons learned localising a rails app into nine different languages, including "Why we localised our app" and "why you might want to use rails i18n even if you’re only planning one language"

Chris McGrath

Chris loves the Ruby language and develops Ruby and Rails apps for a living.

Judge: Client side form validation for Rails 3

Joe Corcoran will be talking to LRUG about building Judge, a client side form validation gem for Rails 3. Joe will explain how he has tried to keep it lightweight and unassuming, why he ditched jQuery in favour of plain old JavaScript and what he learned about Rails i18n, form builders and HTML data attributes along the way.

Joe Corcoran

Joe Corcoran is a computer guy who does internet stuff. Joe works at Tribesports and makes things with Ruby, JavaScript, CSS4 and HTML7.

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