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Agile Around The World

Monday, 1st July in London

This meetup was organised by DPML in July 2019


Agile Around The World

We are conditioned culturally from an early age, each of us developing a set of values and behaviours that differ from those in other parts of the world. When adopting Agile, do cultural behaviours and values prevail, or is there a universal 'Agile culture'? How have different cultures adopted Agile to suit them? Are some cultures naturally more suited to adopting Agile than others? We have been travelling around the world since January 2018, visiting local companies, observing and interacting with teams and interviewing Agile practitioners to study these questions.

In this talk, we discuss cultural differences and share case studies and our observations of Agile adoption from our experiences in South America, Asia Pacific and Europe. We discuss how different cultures could learn from each other and highlight the value of having a truly global community that share experiences.

David Spinks

David's professional experience spans roles of; Agile Trainer, AgileCoach, Scrum Master, Kanban Service Delivery Manager, Team Leader and Software Developer in a variety of industries, including finance, eCommerce, social housing and education. He believes in servant leadership, and values environments where empowerment, autonomy and flexibility enable teams to do the best work possible. David is committed to continuous learning and development in himself and others. He is passionate about getting the best out of teams and seeing people reach their full potential

Glaudia Califano

Glaudia started her technology career in 2005 as a development team member in a Scrum team, and has since then worked with software and non-software development teams in various capacities, from facilitating training and workshops to getting deeply involved ‘in the trenches’ with teams. Glaudia is passionate about helping organisations identify how value to the customer is delivered, by evaluating what work is performed, by whom, where the bottlenecks and waste are, and what steps organisations can take incrementally to improve flow and delivering value.

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