Monday, 1st July in London

This meetup was organised by Digital Leadership Meetup in July 2019


Making Decisions in Uncertainty - A Practical Introduction to Cynefin

How do you lead in this fast-changing environment? How do you make decisions? Do you believe in a one-size-fits-all “Agile” operating model to be successful?

A new environment requires a new approach, sensing the context and adapting the approach. Please let us introduce the Cynefin framework from Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge.

Cynefin is a sense-making framework. The framework allows people to make sense of a situation, to understand its context, and determine the appropriate course of action. Its application is vast and profound. It offers teams, leaders and policy-makers a tool to determine the nature of a situation with guiding decision-making models.

In this meet-up, we will:

  • Introduce the Framework

  • Run a workshop with the audience to practice the framework - the Cynefin A&E game - allowing you to practice the framework

  • Reflect back with the audience on the situation and the applicability in Digital Business & IT

  • Recalibrating the approach to “Agile”

  • Understanding how to adapt the leadership to the digital context

Dean Latchana

He supports organisations to succeed in a dynamic market by helping them to develop awareness and ways of working that are contextual to their needs. Advising and guiding organisations to gain a new set of competencies so they can continuously re-optimise to an ever-changing business landscape. He co-develop change to remove organisational debt to create the focus for innovation. In order to achieve this, as a Transformation Coach, his role is to support business transformation programmes and develop new ways of working across departments. He teaches departments, and coach & mentor individuals. He also coached in many brands and organisations such as the UK Government, BBC, MTV, Nike, Telegraph newspaper, Financial Times and Sainsbury’s.

Philippe Guenet

Philippe has been involved with Digital change from the early days of the Internet (nearly 25 years) and has led the initiation and delivery of significant change initiatives for clients such as Legal & General, Vodafone, O2, Ladbrokes, M&S, HSBC, Barclays, etc. Now working as an independent Coach/Consultant, Philippe is using innovative methods to help businesses shape, plan and deploy their digital strategy, organisation change, lean-agile operating model, and most importantly develop their people and leadership. Philippe is a trained systemic coach (ORSC), complexity & systems thinker (Cynefin™ / VSM), Digital delivery manager, and a seasoned Lean and Agile practitioner. Philippe is the founder and organiser of London’s Digital Leadership meet-up

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