Meet up

London Clojurians August

Tuesday, 6th August at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by The London Clojure Community in August 2019


Spacemacs - a journey into the joy of Evil (Vim style editing)

Spacemacs unleashes the powerful experience of Vim style multi-modal editing, making you more productive and reducing RSI by avoiding keyboard combos. This session will help you think in the language of Vim and use it for creating, editing and refactoring your code very quickly.

We will quickly go through the vim basics and help you understand how to speak Evil

Also cover powerful tools like iedit, narrowing and helm to help you refactor your code in lots of different ways.

Before the session

Please have Spacemacs installed with Evil as the default and preferably helm (there are only a few helm specific things)

See the video on installing Spacemacs

Or follow my install guide at:

Approximate schedule:

18.00 Doors open

18.30 Session starts

19.45 Discussions / wrap-up

John Stevenson

John is a speaker, author, conference organiser & community obsessed developer. Loves Clojure, Emacs, Cats, Cycling & Agile development.

He is a conference organiser for Clojure Exchange, London Java Conference, etc) with 20 years of speaking experience.

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