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Symfony July Meetup

Monday, 8th July in London

This meetup was organised by Symfony UK in July 2019


Join Symfony UK for their July's meetup about JenkinsX and The Twelve Factor Symfony App

Symfony July Meetup

• 6:00pm - 6:30pm - informal chat & drinks
• 6:30m - 6:40pm - announcements & raffle of an elePHPant and two jetbrains licenses
• 6:40pm - 7:25pm - The Twelve Factor Symfony App by Dan Blows
• 7:30pm - 8:15 - JenkinsX - All your repos are belong to us by Paul Dragoonis
• 8:15 till late - more chats & further socialising

Bar drinks kindly sponsored by Level 5.

The Twelve Factor Symfony App

The Twelve Factor methodology is a checklist to make your web applications more portable and resilient when deployed. How does it apply to Symfony? I’ll be suggesting bundles, configuration options, and approaches to coding to help you get a perfect 12 out of 12.

Dan Blows

Dan Blows is the Head of Solution Architecture at Hyperion X. He's been working with PHP since v4, and started using Symfony v1.2 in 2008. He's already upgraded three large codebases from PHP 5 to PHP 7, including one from v5.3. After building a pension calculator he realised that he needs to give talks at conferences if he's going to eat after he retires.

JenkinsX - All your repos are belong to us

Microservices? Monolith? It doesn't matter! Let JenkinsX give you a preview environment for each Pull Request, on every repo you import JenkinsX into.In this talk, we'll take a Symfony4 application, import JenkinsX into it, and each Pull Request will have its own dynamic sub domain, running on a Kubernetes cluster, deployed using helm. This is just skimming the surface of awesome power for your Symfony projects.

Paul Dragoonis

Paul Dragoonis, a member of PHP, PHP-FIG and the Jenkins teams, is a full-stack software consultant at Team Neev, where he architects, designs and implements software solutions for a variety of large organizations in the public and private sector. Paul spends a significant amount of his time rolling out CI/CD pipelines and enjoys sharing his experiences with the wider community by way of private training or conference speaking.

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