Meet up

Discovering your ScrumMaster persona

Thursday, 18th July in London

This meetup was organised by London Scrum User Group in July 2019


Discovering your ScrumMaster persona

After ScrumMastering 100+ teams I began to notice a trend of when I was most effective in my role. Should I always be Nanny Mcphee? How do I know when to let go of that assertive persona & become the more gentle Jimney Cricket? Join me as I explore personas & when they may be best to use according to context!

Jem D'jelal

Jem trained to be a social worker, but ended up dropping out & joining the dark side instead : investment banking 🙂 In a funny way, Jem was led back to his passion – helping people. This happened when he was introduced to Scrum in 2006, and has been a career Scrum Master since. He calls himself “nomadic”, having had almost 30 roles in 10 + years. He does say that he will be searching for a home at some point. Some of Jem’s other passions involve running, a part time mentoring charity for repeating youth offenders in North London & callisthenics.

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