Monday, 1st July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Tech Speakers London in July 2019


Tech Speakers London

Do you recall those awkward moments when you have forgotten what you wanted to say while your audience in great expectations looks at you? Or have you had confidential doubts even far before you have entered the stage.

Before drowning in anxiety of your next talk, join us to experience some good preventive remedies that have been identified in particular speaking exercises on ‘improvisation’ to keep the conversational flow nicely going and the audience engaged. Another great benefit of practicing improvisation surely is confidence what basically builds up through experiences far beyond the most beloved comfort zone.

In this highly interactive workshop, lead by Michael R. Lorek, all participants surely will be taken out of their comfort zone by a variety of insightful exercises. No reason to freeze but expect being challenged by explaining slightly unfamiliar subjects or simply have fun by performing a good slide-show-karaoke.

This session is not just for the beginner but for everybody who wants to develop more flexibility and confidence in a safe environment of the like minded.

Public speaking is not what you can learn during a course but an ongoing process of practice, honest feedback and improvement.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity in taking your tech speaking abilities to another level …

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Doors open at 18:00 with a prompt start at 18:30.

We will finish by 21:00.

Michael R. Lorek

With a background in engineering, information technology and design, Michael R. Lorek already began two decades ago lecturing on internet technologies in further education and consulting clients in web design. In 2012 Michael founded Online Design Ltd, the consultancy helping SMEs and startups developing their online strategy. Along his career he became most passionate about standardised technologies, efficient techniques and a healthy ethos for the web.

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