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Django London Meetup

Monday, 15th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by London Django Meetup Group in July 2019


Django London Meetup

Making development and production environments play nice together can be a real challenge. Docker and Django offer some neat functionality on both ends to make the process smoother and boost productivity. We’ll be putting the individual pieces together nicely to build what looks like a neatly dockerised Django app - from making Django use environment variables to speak to containerised services all the way to the minefield that is logging.

Hendrik Frentrup

Hendrik founded, the specialist consultancy to build resilient data pipelines where they are most needed and make data flow seamlessly from source to model, dashboard and/or algorithm. Despite being a Data Scientist, he’s is an engineer by training and praises operational efficiency and productivity - hence the passion for DevOps. He’s honed his skills in industries like cyber security, finance, and consumer electronics, at companies like Panaseer and Dyson, and comes with science creds from Imperial College.

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