Meet up

Workshop: Improving compile times

Tuesday, 23rd July in London

This meetup was organised by London Scala Users Group in July 2019


Zainab Ali - Run scalac, run!

Are you plagued with unbearably slow compile times? Do you spend your day endlessly brewing tea, waiting for scalac to respond? Do you ever dream that compilation could be fast? You're in luck!

In this workshop, we will use recent advancements in scala tooling to look under the hood of the scala compiler and see what's slowing it down. By carefully benchmarking, profiling and tweaking our builds, we will turn our compiler into a well oiled machine.

You're welcome to bring along your own project to profile, and don't forget to bring your laptop!

Pizza and drinks will be sponsored by District4

Zainab Ali

Zainab is a functional programmer. She is the author of Libra and a contributor to many functional Scala libraries, such as cats and fs2.

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