Meet up

Domain Driven Design in Practice with Helin Ece Akgul

Wednesday, 14th August at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Domain Driven Design London in August 2019


Domain Driven Design in Practice with Helin Ece Akgul

Helin will reflect her experience in applying DDD principles in TransferWise.

Learn about how TransferWise grows domain expertise in its autonomous teams, lessons from translating accumulated domain expertise to the code, and evolving domains and boundaries from the perspective of rapidly evolving product. Supported by examples from greenfield projects and decomposition efforts in TransferWise, let's explore what worked well and what are the challenges.

Helin Ece Akgul

Helin is a Software Engineer at TransferWise, where she works on large scale refactoring and Greenfield projects to scale the TransferWise platform and the business product. Prior to TransferWise, she worked in startups from different industries including logistics, commerce and telco.

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