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Graphs for recommendation engines & taxonomies in the semantic landscape

Tuesday, 16th July at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Connected Data London in July 2019


Graphs for recommendation engines: Looking beyond social, retail, and media

We’re all familiar with recommendations in a number of different areas of our lives. Recommendations for social media connections, e-commerce products, or streaming media content are ubiquitous. Perhaps less well known are applications for recommendations in different contexts - like education, HR, fraud detection, business process management, or offender rehabilitation. In this talk we will discuss some of these recommendations use cases in more detail, and look at how graph data can be used to model each domain and power a recommendations engine. We’ll also see an example use case demonstrated using Neo4j.

Joe Depeau

Originally from the USA but now living in the UK, Joe Depeau has over 20 years of varied experience in the IT industry across a number of domains and specialties. Most recently, Joe has focused on technical pre-sales and solution architecture in the data and analytics space. When not geeking out over data and technology he enjoys camping, hiking with his dog, tending to his garden, reading, and playing boardgames and RPGs. He also bakes a mean cheesecake.

The role of taxonomies in the semantic landscape

Helen Lippell

Helen has been an independent information professional for over a decade. In a nutshell, she helps organisations sort out their messy content and data. She designs and implements taxonomies, ontologies and semantic models, to help companies fully exploit the value of their stuff. She has worked for clients including the BBC, Metropolitan Police and Pearson. She is also the chair of Europe's largest dedicated taxonomy conference, Taxonomy Boot Camp London, which takes place in October every year. When she's not doing all that she's a keen quizzer who's appeared on shows including Only Connect and Mastermind.

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