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A £Bn Business Case for Advanced Project Analytics; a story from Venture Capital

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Wednesday, 11th December at CodeNode, London

This meetup is organised by Project Data Analytics Starts at 6:30 PM.


A £Bn Business Case for Advanced Project Analytics; a story from Venture Capital

Over the last year we have seen a number of innovations come through the project data analytics community that elude to the value of advanced project data analytics. But why is the industry seemingly so far behind the others? Why does it require cultural change to implement? Why does "Google" not already exist for projects? Why do we need a "Google" for projects? What is the business case that we are all missing?

In this talk, Greg will be tackling all of these questions, and more. He will be sharing with us a story on where the industry is going, a view on what is possible, and an image of what the "Google of projects" will look like. Most importantly, he will share with us the business case that we all need to encourage government bodies and industry leaders to embrace the data analytics revolution.

Greg is the co-founder and CEO of Nodes & Links, a venture-backed technology company that improves the predictability and productivity of complex projects by taming the effects of complexity and unlocking the hidden value of their data. The talk will draw upon Greg’s experience of having to craft the arguments to raise venture capital funding.

Greg Lawton

Greg Lawton is an Astrophysicist who spent 7 of the last 8 years of his career in BAE Systems (UK). He managed large defence programmes (£100M+), advised the Board of DIrectors on International Strategy, and owned key relationships with the UK Government and MoD. In early 2018 he left to co-found Nodes & Links with a simple vision: to create an organisation to lead humanity's efforts in taming complexity. The projects world is where this all begins.

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