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Design to Code: Meet Supernova!

Monday, 16th September in London

This meetup was organised by FlutterLDN in September 2019


Flutter London have Supernova Studio presenting their design and development tools! Join us!

Design to Code

The implementation of Flutter exporter, the challenges faced and how those problems were approached. Talking about the Supernova open-source Flutter library, Animations as well as the functionality ‘extension’ code he worked on.

Artem Ufimtcev

Since beginning his coding career at the age of 13, Artem worked as an Android developer for several digital agencies before co-founding Supernova. As Supernova’s Software Engineer / Dev Lead, his responsibilities include Android, Flutter, and React Native exporters, writing importers for Sketch and UX, eating more ice cream than humanly possible, and learning every musical instrument out there.

Design to code. Meet Supernova.

Covering why and how Supernova came to be, the journey of building the Supernova tool, the company including a quick bit about the YCombinator experience, and a tool demo

Jiří Třečák

Before taking on the future of automated software development as the founder and CEO of Supernova, Jiri put more than 70 mobile development projects under his belt for leading global companies. Most recently, Supernova became the first Czech company to go through the prestigious YCombinator program in the W19 batch. As a self-described need-to-know-everything geek, his passions span startups, open-source, leadership, and beyond.

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