Tuesday, 20th August in London

This meetup was organised by Power AI London in August 2019


Have you ever been curious about the ethics of AI? Come along to IBM AI London to hear from Alex Alan and more!

Driverless AI – An AI that creates AI

Many of the things that data scientists do can be automated. In fact automation is critical to achieve higher accuracy because while the machine is "running", the data scientists can focus on more critical aspects of the predictive modelling process to extract the most value from the data. In this talk I will showcase H2O.ai’s Driverless AI approach on automated predictive modelling.

Designing trust and transparency using AI

Sean Greaves

Sean Greaves is a Technical Specialist within the IBM UK Systems AI team in London. He focuses on applications of PowerAI and building the IBM AI community. He has gained experience working as a Creative Technologist in Berlin and studied Mechanical Engineering and Design Informatics in Edinburgh. He loves exploring intersections of technology and art and has presented work at Museum of Modern Art NYC and TU Delft.

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