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London Climate Engineers August

Tuesday, 20th August in London

This meetup was organised by London Climate Engineers in August 2019


How To Avoid Abrupt Climate Change

Abrupt Climate Change is climate change that happens faster than expected, due to the many positive feedback loops that scientists have been predicting for many decades. These are things like increasing water vapour, ice albedo loss, methane release and forest fires. As temperatures, forest fires, ice melt speed and methane release show signs of increasing speed it may be we are already in the first stage of Abrupt Climate Change.

The IPCC reports that governments and the public rely on for our predictions use computer models that do not include most of the feedback loops. This is because they are chaotic and hard to accurately predict. This is why the IPCC predictions for severe changes have been on the time scale of decades rather than years (see the What Lies Beneath report introduced by the former head of the renowned Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research). This is also why the IPCC predictions have every year got worse and on a shorter timescales, as their previous predictions were found to be too optimistic. As an example the IPCC predicted that the Arctic could be ice free by 2050 or later, but credible scientists now think this could be a few years away, and it’s hard to see how it could be longer than 10 years when you look at the graphs of sea ice volume decline.

There is a huge number of ways of working on Abrubt Climate Change prevention, through both emissions reduction and safely investigating many different ways of Greenhouse Gas Removal and other Climate Repair techniques. However it is also extremely important to raise awareness and ensure all from media, politicians and individual public members are engaged both in the conversation and prevention.

In my presentation, I will show the extent to which people at all levels of government, media and the public are avoiding facing up to Abrupt Climate Change and the effect this is having on the levels and quality of information available on it and the levels of action to work on it. I will also share stories of the individuals who have faced up to Climate Reality and work to support and help other people they know personally emotionally prepare for, learn about, cope with and then act on Abrupt Climate Change.

Stephen Halso

I'm a Java programmer with 20 years of programming experience and a strong interest in science, especially quantum physics. I have a Mathematics degree and so Quantum Computing appeals to me since it has a strong mathematical/scienti­fic basis.

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