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F#unctional Londoners September

Wednesday, 18th September in London

This meetup was organised by F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group in September 2019


Type-Safe Datatype-Generic Programming in F#

Datatype-generic programming is a powerful technique that allows you to parameterise your functions by the shape of the types that they are invoked with. A simple example of datatype-generic programming is a pretty-printer for arbitrary record types – it inspects the structure of the record type at runtime to find its fields and then prints the value of each field in turn.

In .NET languages, datatype-generic programming is typically achieved through a combination of generic type parameters and reflection, but this method suffers from the proliferation of obj values and therefore unsafe code.

In this talk, we’ll take a look at three libraries:

• TypeEquality - a

• HCollections - a

• TeqCrate - a

We’ll show that when taken together, these libraries offer a type-safe abstraction layer over simple reflection. By using them, we can create our own libraries that are not only type-safe with respect to their public API, but whose internal implementations are completely type-safe as well.

Nicholas Cowle

Professional F# developer by day, amateur type theorist by night, Nick enjoys drawing ideas from the world of functional programming to create robust and safe software for the finance industry.

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