Meet up

London .NET September 2019 with James Bender and Atif Aziz

Wednesday, 4th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LDNUG: London .NET User Group in September 2019


Web Data Scraping for the .NET Masses

Come join an exploratory talk on how you can scrape data off the web in .NET like a rockstar striking all the right chords with your audience; how you can do it interactively, iteratively, declaratively, generically & in seconds, just like them script kiddies except we can do it statically with C# & compile-time guarantees that come with type-safety. You'll be doing it with a fraction of the code, be that parsing HTML, tables or posting forms. Along the way, we'll touch on topics like functional (caution: explicit content with frequent uses of the M-word), immutability, state management, composition, dependency injection, testing & more. Wait, what does all that have to with web scraping? As Morpheus would say, “I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” :) Hopefully there'll be something for everyone in this talk, even if you're not mining data from web.

Atif Aziz

Atif Aziz is a software developer and open source maintainer and contributor.

Build the REST API Of Your Dreams

James Bender

Author, "Professional Test Driven Development with C#: Developing Real World Applications with TDD"

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