Meet up

Design Your Authentic Personal Style for the Workplace

Wednesday, 9th October in London

This meetup was organised by London Tech Ladies in October 2019


Design Your Authentic Personal Style for the Workplace

This interactive session will discuss the importance of first impressions and individuality, to authentically build your confidence and perceived worth, both in and outside work.

You will leave with practical skills to help you add impact to your look - building your confidence and boosting your professional development.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover what you can do to add impact to your personal image
  • Learn why it matters and the difference it can make in the workplace
  • Understand more about individuality and the importance of finding your authenticity
  • Feel assured that you can influence your career development through colour and style

LondonTechLadies events are open to anyone - men & women from any industry or background are welcome.

Rachel Kempinska-Smith

As an experienced Marketer and award-winning Image Consultant with, IIP Gold accredited, House of Colour Limited, I use colour analysis and personal style development to guide my clients on a journey of self-reflection and rediscovery. The result? Confident leaders, employees and role-models with the courage to be more visible, stay true to their core values and build trust/credibility with those around them.

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