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Cloud Native September

Wednesday, 4th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by Cloud Native LDN in September 2019


Automating Deployment Pipelines with Machine Learning

Steve Burton

Steve is the VP of marketing at Harness and has also worked at Moonsoft and Glassdoor. He specialises in Disruptive Marketing, Application Performance Management, SaaS, Freemium & Enterprise Software.

Cloud Native Telegraf

David McKay

David McKay is a software and technology professional, born & bred in Glassgow, Scotland. As a serial user-group organiser, founding Cloud Native, Docker, DevOps, mongoDB, and Pair Programming Glassgow; David is always searching for new and creative ways to share knowledge with others.

Utilising OSS to Operate a Centralised, Globally Distributed Cloud Platform

Josh Michielsen

Josh Michielsen is a Senior Software Engineer for the Platform Engineering team at Condé Nast International, where he helps to drive the vision of a truly global platform to house some of the worlds largest online publications! He specialises in container orchestration, software development, continuous delivery, and cloud operations. When he's not wrangling with Kubernetes or checking if err != nil in Go, he is a hobbyist data scientist, photographer, cyclist, and doge owner living in Cambridge, UK.

Automating Deployment Pipelines with Machine Learning

Three Takeaways:

QA, Testing and deployment verification remains a manual task for dev/ops teams, several hours are added to a typical deployment pipeline (dev > prod)

Metrics, Telemetry, and application events are readily available from run-time, logs, and tools, but are fragmented and require human interpretation

Machine Learning and NLP algorithms can be used to automate QA/testing/verification (the interpretation of time-series metrics and unstructured data)

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