Meet up

The Sonic Contender

Monday, 28th October in London

This meetup was organised by UX Playground in October 2019


The Sonic Contender

We take a look across industries to learn from experts who use sound to create transformative user experiences.
Learn how brands utilize sound to connect to consumers more deeply and build immersive product experiences.

By the end of this even you will be able to:
  • Identify how sound can be used to enhance product/service experiences

  • Use examples to communicate how sound can add value to your work

  • Start using sound in a more creative and impactful way

Who is part of the UX Playground Research Team?
For events and presentations, we regularly conduct research to identify new trends, opportunities and challenges in experience design. For this purpose, we reach out to our members looking to volunteer, learn and grow. This particular piece is a collaboration by myself Chakib Labidi:

Natalie Man, User Experience Designer

Jasmina Jambresic, UX & Product Designer

Let’s get together to collaborate, invent and create.

I look forward to another UX Playground event and hope you will be joining us.

Chakib Labidi

Chakib Labidi is a London based design consultant and founder of UX Playground, a community of over 1900 professionals. His expertise is in working with companies to create products that provide the best possible experience by identifying the needs and desires of their customers and aligning these with business requirements.

With more than 17 years experience in the creative industry, Chakib had the opportunity to work with clients from the UK and internationally including Aramco, Adobe, Times, Sony, Sky, Virgin and Barclays, News UK just to name a few.

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