Meet up

How Open Source is Funded & Privacy Engineering for the World of Kafka

Tuesday, 24th September at CodeNode, London

This meetup was organised by LJC: London Java Community in September 2019


Privacy Engineering for the World of Kafka

Alex Cook

Alex Cook is a core member of the Software Engineering team at Privitar - Alex is part of a team creating Data Privacy software to enable organisations to perform Machine Learning and Data Science on consumer’s data, but in an ethical, safe and privacy preserving way.

How Open Source is Funded - The Enterprise Differentiation Tightrope

Mauricio Salatino

Mauricio Salatino ( is currently the Activiti Cloud OSS ( Tech Leader working at Alfresco. Previously Mauricio worked for Red Hat / JBoss in the Drools & jBPM projects, where he author 4 books about these projects. With more than 10 years of experience in Java and in the Business Automation field Mauricio is pushing forward to modernise a very conservative industry by following the Open Source Way.

Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson is a core member of the Activiti team at Alfresco (, helping to drive forward the Activiti open source project. He has spent 10 years working in Java Development scene in London across a variety of industries. Marcello works in Java and front-end since more than 10 years, always in contact with opensource and communities, as coordinator for the Java User Group Milano from 2003 to 2010. Since moving to London, he’s been working for startups of any size and he’s now software architect in Alfresco for Alfresco Process Services, the enterprise BPM suite based on the open source Activiti BPM Engine.

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