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Why We Choose React for a Large Scale Financial Trading Platform

Tuesday, 8th October in London

This meetup was organised by Front Endgineers London in October 2019


Have you ever wondered why trading platforms choose React? How it is always touted as a 'zero-fail'? Come find out with Keith Bloom from Adaptive Financial Consulting

An introduction to FINOS and how we help you contribute to Fintech Open Source

James McLeod will give an introduction to FINOS - Fintech Open Source Foundation. Learn more about what they are focusing on, how they can help you contribute to Fintech Open Source and where you might want to get involved.

James McLeod

James McLeod is Director of Community at FINOS and wholeheartedly believes the transformation of Financial Services can only be fulfilled if Open Source is embraced under the three pillars of Contribution, Consumption and Community. James also founded “React London - Bring Your Own Project”, a London based meetup with over 1500 ReactJS members. You can email James at to find out how you can contribute to the amazing work of the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS).

Why We Choose React for a Large Scale Financial Trading Platform

In this talk, Keith Bloom will illustrate why React is increasingly being leveraged to build zero-failure trading platforms, for the biggest investment banks and financial institutions in the world. We'll start from altitude, looking across multiple teams spanning hundreds of developers - we'll talk about how React's simple APIs and no-hassle frameworks specifically accelerates development for the biggest trading platforms. We'll then zoom in gradually all the way through to the experience of an individual developer, all while illustrating the points throughout with hard-core technical examples.

Keith Bloom

Keith Bloom is a lead developer at Adaptive Financial Consulting with over 20 years’ experience of creating zero-failure software for the financial industry, using the most cutting-edge technologies and approaches.

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