Meet up

LRUG Feb Lightning Talks

Tuesday, 21st February at Skills Matter, London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in February 2012


Lightning talk 1: A history of websockets

James Coglan

James currently works as a JavaScript developer at theOTHERmedia, producing UI code for various high-profile London

LRUG Lightning Talk: Tech interns

Jairo Diaz

Jairo is the founder of Codescrum, a company creating custom software to help businesses innovate and grow to their full potential. Our clients include government agencies, media companies, universities, retail businesses, charities and leading startups. Jairo is also an open source developer (ruby on rails) and volunteer coach of software development to minority groups.

Lightning talk 2: capistrano extensions

Stuart Eccles

Stuart Eccles is the Co-Founder and CTO of digital social agency Made By Many.

Lightning talk 4:Ruby Poetry

Andrew McDonough

Andrew has been writing software professionally for 15 years. He cofounded Tribesports, a sports brand and vertically-integrated ecommerce company. These days, he works as a consultant CTO and technical advisor to several London-based startups. In his spare time, he organises Techrunners, a running group for people working in the technology industry.

Chris Parsons: The crowd-sourced talk.

Chris Parsons

Chris is an an experienced technical leader, programmer, speaker and trainer with a strong business and commercial focus. He runs technology as CTO of Gower Street, a growing data analytics company in the movie business. He has consulted in technical architecture, agile management and adoption, and advised C-level executives on product strategy and how to manage technical teams. He has trained and coached technical teams in BDD, automated testing, clean code and great team practices. He has been writing software professionally for 20 years in a wide range of sectors.

LRUG Lightning Talks: Reading tea leaves - predict the future with ruby

Roland Swingler

Roland Swingler is an Associate at CHP Consulting. His Specialties are: Ruby, Java, JavaScript. PHP, but it has been a while since I have used it. Full Stack Developer.

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