Meet up

Concurrency in Crystal, Single Page Applications & Engineering Management

Monday, 7th October in London

This meetup was organised by LRUG: London Ruby User Group in October 2019


If you would like to learn more about Crystal and Single Page Applications, this meetup is for you!

Concurrency in Crystal

Crystal is a Ruby inspired language that offers type safety and a minimal runtime. In this talk we'll look into Crystal's concurrency model, Communicating Sequential Processes, and how it shapes the way we write concurrent applications.

Lorenzo Barasti

Engineering manager, ex Scala developer, Ruby enthusiast. When he is not working at Babylon, Lorenzo can be found enjoying some underground gig in north London.

How to stop worrying, love the SPA and appreciate Rails

Some people love them, some people hate them, but single page applications are here to stay, if not take over. Michael suggests there may be greater SPA platform potential to Rails than you think.

Michael Nacos

Michael Nacos enjoys playing with computers but gets bored easily. He has worked as an IT trainer, web developer, linux sysadmin, database developer, email engineer, cloud architect and tech lead. These days he helps companies build products and teams, using open source tools to deliver progressive web and mobile experiences that hit the mark.

Using software engineering practices to improve engineering management

As an engineering manager, your responsibility is not to build features, but to build systems to support the people building the features. This talk will give some tips on using familiar tools and techniques from your time as a software engineer to help make management easier and more systematic.

Nicky Thompson

Nicky is a Technical Manager at FutureLearn, and has spent more than a decade as a freelance and in-house web developer, making beautiful websites that work for everyone.

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