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PowerBI, The Must-Know Speed Up Tricks

Thursday, 17th October in London

This meetup was organised by Power BI Meetup Group in October 2019


PowerBI Must Know Speed Up Tricks

As a creator, PowerBI can be slow to use than its Microsoft Office counterparts, it’s got fewer shortcuts, multi select abilities and navigation speed ups. There are often multiple ways to perform key tasks but which is the fastest? We will not cover troubleshooting performance issues, but rather speeding up when authoring in PowerBI.

Even if you’re a productivity guru I guarantee there’ll be something new for you in this demo filled session. We will look at some shortcuts & speed up tricks across the board including:

  1. Power Query – a few shortcuts exist, and where they don’t, you’ll find these tips golden!

  2. The recently updated model view

  3. Creating & editing measures

  4. The data view

  5. Building visuals

  6. Formatting visuals

  7. Arranging visual

David Benaim

Founder & consultant at Xlconsulting

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