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2 Presentations: Kubernetes Ingress & DevOps and Microservices Better Together

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Thursday, 17th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup is organised by DevOps Underground Starts at 6:30 PM.


An overview of Kubernetes, container history, and Ingress Services. The issues with the Ingress Spec, and what NGINX are doing to solve them. Come along for all things Kubernetes!

Contain Your Excitement: The Kubernetes Ingress Controller

Contain your excitement: the Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

An overview of Kubernetes, container history, and Ingress Services. The issues with the Ingress Spec, and what NGINX are doing to solve them.

In this presentation, we will talk about the history of containers, how Docker became the defacto standard for Application packaging, and how Kubernetes beat Docker to become the orchestration king. Then we'll delve into the Ingress Specification, and what NGINX are doing to work around its shortcomings. We'll finish with a live demo of NGINX Ingress Controller in action.

Mark Boddington

Enterprise Solutions Architect at NGINX Mark Boddington is a Technical Solutions Architect working for NGINX (an F5 company). His background includes over a decade of experience working in Application Delivery, helping customers create innovative solutions to complex problems. Prior to that, he worked for several years as a UNIX Systems Administrator for a number of internet based companies.

DevOps and Microservices Better Together

We all want to get out of the rot of traditional SDLC, waterfall, big ball of mud… We want to be faster, more flexible, providing more value upfront, WINNING 🙂, have short feedback loops, be able to work in small cross-functional teams.To do that we want to be able to do continues delivery and continues deployment which leads us to what is described in the DevOps handbook...

To do that: You should be able to reliably (tested, secure….) deploy small units of work to production (reduce the risk in deploying new code to production (roll forward, blue-green )). Have many teams work in parallel autonomously across the system functions (business). Decrease lead time of features and bug fixes to production.

This is all well and good but when we try to get there we keep getting pulled back by our architecture.

When we look at successful DevOps transformations we see that architecture is one of the significant factors of success.

In this talk, we will cover Identifying boundaries, monolith decomposition and bounded contexts and how we can build better microservices so our DevOps will be a win.

Sean Farmar

Sean Farmar holds the world record for answering the most NServiceBus questions - even more than Udi :-). With over 20 years of experience, he specializes in providing simple solutions for complex business requirements using NServiceBus and applying SOA principles inspired by Udi Dahan. As a solution architect with Particular Software, the creators of NServiceBus, Sean provides support, training and consulting for customers using NServiceBus and the Particular Platform.

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