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Don’t keep it to yourself - openness and honesty in the workplace

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Wednesday, 30th October at CodeNode, London

This meetup is organised by LJC: London Java Community Starts at 6:30 PM.


In this talk we will be exploring the many reasons we may not speak up in different situations in the workplace. We will also look into how Apache Kafka and Grafana impact business processes and decisions across organisations.

ElasticSearch Inverted Index

ElasticSearch is a document store that allows very efficient and fast full-text searches using an inverted index. This inverted index consists of a list of all words that appear in any document. In this talk, we will see a tool to display the content of the inverted index that will help you to adjust the appropriate settings for the index.

Sabrina Wons

Sabrina Wons is a passionate Java developer working in the Product Development team at Rightmove, the UK's #1 property portal. Her team focuses on building microservices using technologies such as Spring, Kafka and ElasticSearch.

Don’t keep it to yourself - openness and honesty in the workplace

You must have sat in a meeting, listening to someone talk about the next great innovation and how it will revolutionise the way things are done. They’ve discovered the idea, approach, or improvement, that will take the business to the next level and they’re enthusiastically extolling its virtues. However, you’ve seen the flaw in their plan … and you said nothing. You sat there silently, letting them carry on and didn’t make a sound. Why? There are many reasons why we don’t speak up in situations like this and we'll look at why we don't speak up and the consequences of not doing so.

Rob Drury

Rob Drury is a software product manager and Certified Scrum Owner, with 17 years experience across recruitment, fundraising, retail and finance software products. He is also a writer on small business issues from finance to recruitment, operations to agile delivery and a contributor to Real Business, Business Advice, and Medium.

How to use Apache Kafka and Grafana to visualise business process decisions running on the cloud! - Paulo Menon, Ingo Weiss, Craig Reeves.

Modern business relies on rapid feedback of data and an ability to easily process that data in order to make good business decisions. In this scenario we look at how a government department distributes grants to farmers ensuring that they have the resources that they need to feed a growing population. Apache Kafka and Grafana you can have a visual representation of the impact of your business process and help to take these decisions across your organisation, be it different silos, applications, regions or more. Apache Kafka helps getting the information across multiple services and locations. This stream of information would then be captured by InfluxDB, which will help organising the collected metrics and then present these using Grafana.

Craig Reeves

Craig Reeves is part of the services team at Red Hat UK, helping his customers to make the most of open source technologies at a global scale. He has helped to deliver some of the biggest platforms for Red Hat across globally regulated industries across a variety of technologies both on premise and in the cloud.

Ingo Weiss

Ingo Weiss is a Software Engineer for Red Hat JBoss EAP, working as part of the sustaining engineering team. A sysadmin and support engineer in a previous life, he now works delivering fixes to one of Red Hat’s most important products, contributing to several open source projects.

Paulo Menon

Paulo Menon is a Principal Consultant specialised in RHDM and RHPAM troubleshooting and deployments for Red Hat EMEA’s largest customers, he is also the Business Automation Community of Practice EMEA Manager, which is the internal Red Hat Decision Manager and Process Automation Manager community and the internal EMEA and UKI Tech Meetup organiser, With more than 18 years of experience in Java, 9 years working as Red Hat Middleware Consultant and focused on customer success, he’s one of the most accomplished consultants in EMEA. During his free time he is a mentor at meet a mentor and always willing to participate and give back to the Java community.

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