Meet up

Countdown to Big Data LDN

Thursday, 17th October in London

This meetup was organised by Big Data LDN in October 2019


The importance of DataOps

Christopher Conroy

Christopher helps companies with data strategy and delivery, focusing on data science and AI, from startups to enterprises.

This can be shaped in a whole range of different ways, from maturity assessment to value identification, and POC delivery through to the building of advanced data functions.

He is a strategic data science leader, with a proven track record in delivering production solutions in the cloud, as well as building data science functions from the ground up.

He is also highly knowledgeable about monetising data science, with a strong focus on objectives and outputs, and the roadmaps and data strategy to deliver them.

Experienced in data transformation, both technically and culturally.

How AI can be used to enable assisted living for the ageing population

Katie Gibbs

As Head of AI at BJSS, Katie Gibbs has extensive experience delivering large transformation projects and innovation initiatives to drive demonstrable change in organisations using new technologies. A regular speaker on the AI events circuit, Katie is constantly exploring new ways to disrupt traditional markets and improve user experiences. BJSS’ Chatbot Accelerator is an example of this, enabling organisations to rapidly design and deliver a working prototype and business case to demonstrate the value that AI can drive both internally and for customers.

Tim Walpole

Tim Walpole is a cognitive architect at BJSS, where he designs complex, vendor-agnostic, multilingual cloud-based chatbot solutions for a range of clients. Previously, he was head of mobile at BJSS. Tim began his 21-year career as an IT consultant with ICL (and then Fujitsu). Over his career, he has worked at Microsoft, at the European Commission in Luxembourg, and HP. Tim is passionate about systems integration and is always looking for clever and innovative ways to connect systems together.

Why we defined a metalanguage for SQL

Lewis Hemens

Lewis is the Co-founder and CTO of Dataform, which builds tools for data teams to manage the data that powers companies’ analytics.

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