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Intro to OCaml

Thursday, 25th June, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Thursday's Matter in June 2020


This Thursday's Matter is ... OCaml. In this session we'll be joined by Tweag I/O's Richard Bonichon, who will present his personal history with the language while illustrating its features.

Thursday's Matter is a virtual meetup on the topics that truly matter to today's developers.

Join us every Thursday when we'll be joined by an expert from around the globe. Each week we'll explore topics such as functional languages, mobile development, agile methodologies and machine learning.

THE FORMAT A 40-minute expert talk followed by a Q&A session

Intro to OCaml

OCaml is a modern pragmatic functional programming language of the ML family, that also supports imperative or object-oriented paradigms.

It has been developed at INRIA for the last 30 years and has seen increased interest from a broader audience in the last few years as a tool of choice to develop not only industrial-strength compilers or program analyzers, but also advanced fin-tech platforms. This talk is a selective and personal introduction to OCaml features. As such it is bound to be partial. Here, we will first cover basic functional and imperative aspects of the language.

The second part of the talk will deal with some more advanced traits, as a first step towards making you want to explore other and deeper corners of OCaml.

Richard Bonichon

Richard is a Senior Software Engineer, a longtime OCaml developer, and the lead tech on Tweag’s Tezos blockchain projects. Prior to joining Tweag, Richard was a researcher for CEA LIST's Software Safety and Security Laboratory for 10 years, working on advancing formal methods for binary program analysis, and served as lead developer of the BINSEC platform. He was also a visiting professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, where he worked on the SMT solver veriT. Richard has an Engineering Degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, a Masters in Programming: Semantics, Proofs and Languages from Université Denis Diderot; and received his PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, where he studied the area of automated theorem proving. Outside of Tweag, Richard organizes and participates in various international software protection events, and enjoys swimming, running, biking, playing guitar, and family time."

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