Thursday, 2nd July , Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by Thursday's Matter in July 2020


This Thursday's Matter is ... Software Modernisation. In this session we'll be joined by Codurance's Sandro Mancuso and Mashooq Badar, for a conversation about some of the key strategic aspects of software modernisation initiatives, and why they are needed to keep developers productive, testers effective, clients happy — and most importantly, to keep businesses healthy.

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THE FORMAT A 40-minute expert talk followed by a Q&A session

Software Modernisation: A Strategic Approach

Many organisations rely on strategic systems that are becoming harder and harder to maintain. The business is unhappy because features are taking longer to be built and they cannot react fast enough to market demands. Developers are unhappy because the code is messy and negatively affects their productivity. Testers are unhappy because of the volume of work they have and they still cannot guarantee the quality of the software. Clients are becoming disenchanted because of the lack of quality and slow frequency of updates. Strategic software cannot become a burden to the organisation—they need to remain strategic and continuously enable business agility. In this conversation, Mash and Sandro will discuss key strategic aspects of software modernisation initiatives and why they are needed.

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