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The History of DevOps at Amazon

Wednesday, 16th September, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by DevOps Underground in September 2020


DevOps Underground is pleased to be able to bring you this talk on the history of DevOps at Amazont with Kelly Looney

Those registering for the event will need access to Zoom. Members will be sent a link to the event once they have registered.

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The History of DevOps at Amazon

Kelly’s talk will cover yesterday, today and tomorrow. First, Amazon’s transformation from technology organization built on a monolith application into one composed of hundreds of independent teams building microservices end-to-end. All a decade before DevOps or microservices were really coined as industry buzzwords.

2nd Kelly will discuss how AWS customers use the Cloud to modernize themselves at a much faster pace than was thought possible in the past.

Finally, he will talk about the future of DevOps and special challenges presented by modern applications and what NextOps will look like.

Kelly Looney

Kelly is a 30+ year veteran in the software development arena. He has built software in everything from assembly language to Smalltalk, Unix/C, and to Kubernetes and Lambda. He has taken an abiding interest in improving organization’s software delivery from Agile, to DevOps, to Serverless and NextOps. Kelly has been lucky enough to work directly with luminaries such as Kent Beck, Jez Humble, Damon Edwards, Craig Larman, Kenny Rubin, and Dick Gabriel. He has worked in successful startups (ParcPlace, Activerse, Skytap) and consulted (Thoughtworks, Capgemini, BAH) with all types of organisations in a variety of industries. At AWS, Kelly works with partners in the DevOps space to help solve customer problems and set the stage for modern high velocity, extra stable, and secure systems.

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