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How developers are the new security rockstars

Thursday, 16th July, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by LJC: London Java Community in July 2020


The London Java Community is delighted to be able to bring you this talk by Stefania Chaplin. Those registering for the event will need access to Zoom. Members will be sent a link to the event once they have registered.

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How developers are the new security rockstars

Waterfall, Agile, DevOps... it seems that every few years, a new methodology is born for optimum software creation within an organization. While these processes all have their strengths and weaknesses, the streamlining (and, er, previously absent red tape) they bring can feel like somewhat of a hindrance to the main goal of the developer: BUILDING KICK-ASS FEATURES. Join this webinar to learn tactical methods on building a successful devsec strategy. We’ll cover:

· The power of shifting and starting left - what this means for developers

· Creating a secure software development lifecycle

· Top training programs to help developers master security practices and vulnerabilities trends

Stefania Chaplin

Stefania Chaplin is EMEA's Solution Architect at Secure Code Warrior. Her experience within Cybersecurity, DevSecOps and OSS governance means she's helped countless customers understand and implement security throughout their SDLC. As a python developer at heart, Stefania is always itching to improve efficiency wherever she goes by writing scripts to automate processes. Stefania is passionate about speaking about DevSecOps and cybersecurity, and has spoken at many conferences and meetups across Europe including; JavaZone in Norway, JFokus in Sweden and Cloud Expo, Women of Silicon Roundabout and Women in DevOps in London. Most recently, Stefania has been speaking at many virtual events on publications such as DZone and on the Secure Code Warrior Brighttalk.

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