Meet up

Web Scraping with GoLang

Thursday, 13th August, Online Meetup

This meetup was organised by IBM Developer LDN in August 2020


IBM are running a series of hands-on workshops on a variety of technologies. Please visit: on the day of the workshop for the link to the event.

Web Scraping with GoLang

Have you ever come across a website and wanted to collect some information quickly without writing and API? Have you ever wondered how large amounts of data gets collected? What about wanting to analyse some website code?

In this workshop we will be looking at web scraping and how easily it can be done in Golang.

Liam Hampton

Liam is a Developer Advocate at IBM, working within the Developer Ecosystems Group. He started his career at IBM as a Node.js Software Developer working on, and contributing to, the open source initiative Eclipse Codewind. Liam now focuses on developer advocacy with a keen interest in Golang.

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